Want to know what a single pair of women boxing gloves can do in a women’s life? There are a lot of different types of women’s boxing gloves on the market as boxing is quite popular among females. And obviously, some are just superior, more protective.

As some of you know, I had trained my female clients over three years and observed how they perform with different gloves during bag workouts, mitts and sparring… In addition to this, I also did thorough research on forums and came up with six best boxing gloves for women.

Best Women’s Boxing Gloves List

1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Key Features:

  • Triple foam
  • Excellent protection
  • Smooth inner lining
  • Perfect for mitts and bag workouts
  • Popular among women


Alright, this one performs really well, has a reasonable price tag and these are the main reasons why it is at the top of this list.

On top of that, it is the most popular gloves which are preferred by my female clients.

This glove is made of synthetic sturdy leather and mitts, punching bags will not cause major defects anytime soon. Skyntex leather is also good at absorbing the initial shock and dissipates the shock more. So the shock, which is delivered to the padding, will be less and this improves the glove’s overall durability.

This glove is also handmade and the contours are suitable for hand’s anatomical structure.

Considering that it has triple foam and excellent wrist support for protection this is the best female boxing gloves for bag workouts and all-around training. Also, the air channels are strategically placed, provide constant airflow so there is no surprise that the company is the best when it comes to comfort.

Every quality of this glove (durability, padding, protection)is really good and this pair also has an excellent price tag.

2. Ringside Women’s IMF

Key Features:

  • Ringside IMF Model for Women
  • Superb Injected Foam
  • More Padding
  • Many Sizes and Good Fitting Rates


This one is quite similar to classic Ringside IMF Boxing Gloves however Ringside Women’s IMF has some different qualities and additions as well.

First of all, the foam is injected and it is quite durable, absorbs the shock at a fast rate. This extends the durability of leather by absorbing the shock more. It is protective and these boxing gloves have an attached thumb to protect your sparring partner and it provides your thumb to stay in place.

This training pair can be used for sparring and can be a great choice for regular boxing sessions.

These qualities are the qualities of Ringside IMF however Women’s IMF Tech has an exclusive feature that provides additional protection. This is the vinyl overlay and it adds reinforcement to the inner part and thumbs so when you punch the impact, which you feel, will be less.

Mesh is quite good at getting rid of sweat and the glove will not get heavier at a fast rate. It also provides a surface which water can actually evaporate. So it does not only help the weight stay the same but it also keeps your hands fresh during long drills. Considering the comfort qualities I can say that this glove is ideal for females who spend a long time in a boxing gym.

3. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Key Features:

  • Puncher’s gloves
  • Incredibly protective padding
  • Ergonomic design
  • Looks really amazing


If you look for punching power and amazing training performance during drills then look no further.

Cleto Reyes is also really protective as well. The padding is shaped according to your knuckles and hand’s structure. In addition to that, the wrist support feels natural and it provides anatomical fit. Thus you feel natural while doing any boxing punches.

So you might ask why Cleto Reyes, which is the most quality one in this list, is at the third spot. Well, the reason is the price and not everyone can afford it.

Considering the speed and good protection this glove is perfect for pads and heavy bag workouts.

4. Hayabusa T3 – Best Boxing Gloves

Key Features:

  • Four layers of padding
  • Excellent wrist support (Dual Closure)
  • Premium quality leather
  • Suitable for sparring, all-around training


This glove has a lot of unique and amazing qualities. Leather is handmade and it is tear-resistant. This glove fits perfectly as it is made according to the anatomical structure of your hand so punching with Hayabusa T3 feels natural.

Fabric is premium and many people give feedback like it is the best glove for getting rid of moisture and fabric is the most important factor for it.

This glove’s wrist wrap is quite large and wraps your wrists really tight. When you wear these gloves these will feel like lace-up gloves.

Padding consists of four layers. Each one absorbs the shock differently and this provides better protection from the impacts. These absorb the shock from different angles so it effectively absorbs and dissipates the shock. These also distribute the shock evenly so your wrists, knuckles will be protected more and have fewer bruises. Thanks to this Hayabusa T3 is best female boxing gloves for bag work and sparring.

As you can see, high tech is used for this glove and it has many awesome color selections like purple and pink.

5. Title Gel Suspense Training Gloves

Key Features:

  • Good training gloves
  • Excellent palm and wrist protection
  • Decent durability
  • Ergonomic Design


This glove provides extra safety with gel-infused foam. It is injected into the wrist and strategic places, areas which people tend to have injuries. These compartments are wrist and palm. Also, the wrist wrap is longer and larger than usual. It feels really secure and helps your wrist and knuckles align.

The injected gel provides you to have a better fit as it can fill the compartments without any restrictions thus this glove can provide an amazing fit. This glove is bulky and the knuckle area is bigger than the other boxing gloves however Title uses classic foam for this glove so it is light for its size.

The nylon liner is quite soft and does not irritate your fingers even while you are punching the bag hard. It also gets rid of excess moisture which helps to improve the training performance of long sessions as it will stay light thanks to the liner.

Lastly full-grain leather is quite sturdy and tear-resistant. It basically gets fewer defects than other leather types and when you combine it with Title’s dense padding the durability becomes superb.

6. Hayabusa S4 – Quality Gloves

Key Features:

  • Suitable for mitts, bag, sparring
  • Comfortable grip bar
  • Small sizes
  • Includes hand wraps!


This glove is made of PU leather and it withstands the impacts just fine. It is not the most durable material out there for sure. However, it gets B for the durability and it will not get soft spots around a year which is pretty decent for a pair of boxing gloves in this price range. And as you know this may diminish the benefits of the sessions.

This glove uses a single split design which is classic and works for many boxing gloves. So it is a safe choice and it provides your hand and wrist align without any restriction of movement.

The grip bar is pre-curved and it provides an anatomical fit. This tends to improve comfort while making a fist.

The velcro strap is bigger than usual and this part is a bit tapered. You can adjust the velcro according to your wrist and thanks to that your wrists will be quite secure with Hayabusa S4. Also, the inner lining is soft enough however nylon is not quite durable as the other materials but it is still alright and will not stretch over a year.

Hayabusa S4 is good boxing gloves for female beginners. In addition to this, it is a bargain! Keep in mind that you also get a pair of good quality hand wraps.

What to Look for in Women’s Boxing Gloves

Padding: Padding tends to be quite dense in female boxing gloves as these offer more shock absorption which helps women to have better bone, skin health. These are quite important as a lot of women’s boxing classes last really long as many of them attend the classes so they can have fit, healthier bodies. So padding needs to be superb as it needs to withstand constant abuse during these long boxing sessions.

Also, I noticed a specific padding distribution in women’s gloves. The foam is more at the upper compartment and the tip of the gloves. So shock absorption is more with these gloves and this provides more protection during sparring.

Comfort: Air channels and inner lining are the most important qualities for comfort. Obviously, I have not practiced with most of the boxing gloves above however I chose these female gloves according to women’s experiences in boxing gyms and their reviews on forums. The lining of these gloves is good at wicking moisture and some of them also let sweat to escape so the glove will not get heavier at a fast rate. This is especially good if you train long hours.

Also, you can spar with some of the gloves above and if it is suitable for it, you don’t need to take off gloves and wear a new one.

Leather: The leather quality depends on several factors like how it is made, how durable it is etc. So you need to look for specific reviews and material types. For example, cowhide tends to be sturdier and better for bag workouts. And you will generally spend less time to break in synthetic leather boxing gloves. Shortly, each one has own advantages and disadvantages.

Protection: Obviously, this one is the most important quality to evaluate. After all, you will be throwing countless punches, learn various punching combinations and spar so the protection should be superb.

Let’s start with one of the most common problems among females which is wrist pain. The wrist closure should wrap your wrist tightly and it should not let your wrist move whether you are defending or punching.

If it is not solid and stretches while punching then this is a problem. Not only you can hurt your hand but loose wrist support is not comfortable at all and lowers your punch accuracy.

Also the padding quantity and quality matter a lot. If the padding distribution is not good for protecting knuckles and it is not concentrated at the upper compartment, the tip of your fingers then repetitive punching can hurt your bones and your skin may have deformation. Also, quantity needs to be decent so it can actually absorb the impact and generally female boxing gloves above have a good amount of padding.

And most importantly padding should absorb the impact quite well without moving too much so your hands get the best protection possible.

Final Thoughts

All of the gloves above can be used for all training types including pads.

You can have amazing sessions with these best boxing gloves for women and these will also protect your hands well during these workouts. However one of them shines the most.

Venum Elite is not only used by many of my trainees but it also has a good reputation in the boxing community as well. It is well padded and the leather is sturdy enough to last for years.

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