If you want to win your boxing rounds, you need the right and helpful gear, including gloves. Boxing gloves play an essential role in helping you succeed. There are so many types and brands available in the market that Fairtex is producing something beyond expectations.

Fairtex gloves are not as popular as other brands, but its review is worth sharing. The quality and comfort are what Fairtex focuses on the most. Fairtex loves to provide you with the best of their items every time.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review:

What Is So Special About Fairtex Gloves?

Fairtex gloves are so compatible that you can easily take them anywhere. The compressed and fitted glove choice is what we call perfect for 16 ounces and others too. You can feel the comfort and perfection by only touching it.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

With superior support and padding, these smaller gloves are comfortable to wear or carry. They are one of the best Muay Thai boxing gloves in terms of quality and comfort. Not only this, but they are suitable for the newbies and the ones looking for premium options too.

They are getting popular because of the tighter fit they provide to your wrist. You can choose from different sizes and designs, which means enough choices to get the suitable one.
These are handmade, making them more impressive and beneficial for you. Skillful craftsmanship makes these highly durable gloves outstanding with top-notch quality. The tightness is to let you fight and apply tricks with ease. Fairtex is known to produce handmade equipment with high quality and unique features.

About Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Many stunning features make these gloves beneficial for you and your fights. Check these now to know more about these incredible gloves.
High Quality

Quality is what we love about when it comes to Fairtex. Fairtex is known as the best brand in terms of quality. Because of no double stitching, they look so delicate and work wonders as well. No thread is out of the line, which is why people love to buy them. The fabric, which is pure leather, is so perfect for the gloves. Plus, the finishing is also appealing.

Injury Protection

All other boxing gloves have more padding on the knuckles. In contrast, Fairtex boxing gloves have less padding on the knuckles because they are Thai style. There is thin padding on the knuckles and more padding on the hand’s back. Its firm padding is the reason why you can use it for various tricks.

But if you ask about comfort level because of the padding, then it is decreased actually. It may be a massive problem for some fighters. They are undoubtedly incredible Thai style gloves, but the protection is not adequate because of the awful padding.


When it comes to the comfort zone while using these gloves, it isn’t evident to state something. Its firm padding is uncomfortable for some, whereas the soft inner layer is what they want. It feels like a cushion inside, making it easier for you to fight.

Best Fairtex Gloves Review

The padding is firm, but the foam is comfortable enough. The foam layer on the fingertips increases the satisfaction of the buyers. Its wider hand compartment is also a plus point. The only problem here is the lack of a grip bar.


The beautiful texture is not only the thing, but the durability is also fun. It looks pretty and works well. The appealing, thick leather is what any of us falls for.

There are no stitching issues like out of the line or loose stitching. It is the perfect competition for the branded gloves. These gloves maintain their top shape for so long, which is why people love to buy them when they plan for long-term investment.


Its look is so appealing that one can fall for it so quickly. The design is attractive because of the style and unique color shades. These handcrafted masterpieces are so satisfying. With no compromise on the quality, the decent look makes it highly efficient for any of us.

Best Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review

The straps and fist both are perfect for adding a professional look. The three-layered foam layer and high-quality leather is the reason for its simplicity. Moreover, no hidden tags inside, which

means you will be relaxed while wearing it. All the materials used in the making are worth appreciation.


People assume that handmade products are less durable and reliable, whereas it’s not the truth. These purely handmade boxing gloves from Thailand are different from others. The neat fold of the leather around the wrist is what makes it different from other boxing gloves.

These Muay Thai-style gloves are suitable in every way because of the excellent craftsmanship. It has apparent stitching and an incredible leather cut for both comfort and attraction. The fingers and thumb part is the most satisfying and promising part, in my opinion, because they are highly reliable and relaxing even during fights.

Reasons To Buy Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Many things convince you to purchase Fairtex boxing gloves, but some of them are so happening that we must share them with you. If you ever feel confused about your next or the first pair of boxing gloves, especially Muay Thai style, these are the ones. Readout these reasons to understand the importance of owning these gloves.

  • Clean stitching
  • Durable materials
  • Perfect craftsmanship
  • Lack of grip bar (it can be a plus or minus point according to your preferences)
  • Huge variety of designs and shades
  • Firm padding and relaxing inner layer

Top 10 Fairtex Boxing Gloves Models For You

Knowing about different models of Fairtex boxing gloves helps you get the required and suitable one with ease.

1.Fairtex X Glory Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex X Glory Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Many of the available gloves are of leather but are of low-grade quality. In contrast, glory gloves are of high-grade Thai leather. Its exceptional qualities also include palm padding, which means a lot more protection from injuries due to perfect shock absorption.

Want to make an easy fist for intense fights? Don’t worry, as Fairtex has improved the padding with glories because of the customer reviews. You can make quick fists if you have these glories.
A hard closed fist is going to be your great help. Not only are they excellent handcrafted gloves, but the perfect addition of knuckle padding makes it soft for the users, which is what we love.

2.Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex Muay Thai BGV1 Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves

This well-padded glove model with proper weight distribution is what you may require. BGV1 is quite popular these days because of its high performance and quality response.

If you don’t want to experience mishaps due to loose or inappropriate wrist straps, then go for the BGV1. Its larger and comfortable Velcro wrist straps are to add beauty and reliability at the same time.

There is enough padding to prevent injuries and hit harder. You will not learn about its usage on time. Instead, it will take some time to make you feel compatible with it. There are four sizes and ten colors to choose from. So, you are free to get any of your desired ones in your favorite design or color as well.

3.Fairtex BGV11 F-Day Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex BGV11 F-Day Boxing Gloves

BGV11 F-Day Boxing Gloves

For better control and stiff usage, this is the one for you. The microfiber material used to make its outer shell is the reason behind its equal weight distribution. The rare latex foam layer is also present so that you feel special while using these boxing gloves.

Its hand compartment is convenient and comfortable because it is molded with a cute curve on the thumb side. The long cuffs and more padding make you feel confused about overheating, whereas the proper ventilation system helps avoid such bad things from happening. The reason behind its increasing demand is its ergonomic finish and support.

4.Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training And Sparring Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training and Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Training And Sparring Gloves

We have talked about the lack of a grip bar many times. When it’s about training and sparring gloves, it is essential to share that this model features a lack of grip bar.

You are now allowed to make a fist quicker and easier. The snug fit design, along with the compact size, is what makes it a loveable glove. It fits so well that the user feels satisfied. Its elegant finish and ergonomic design make it look more appealing.

5.Fairtex BGV1 Falcon Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex BGV1 Falcon Boxing Gloves

BGV1 Falcon Boxing Gloves

BGV1 falcon is good for all, which means it is highly suitable for both newbies and pros. If you have small hands and want something that fits them correctly, go for the falcon BGV1. Starting from the knuckle to the wrist, the padding is distributed so well that there are no over-padding issues.

The padding is divided all over the glove equally for a better user experience. Your falcon is going to last longer because of the high-quality leather. It will help those gloves to last longer with water resistance and durability.

6.Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Boxing Gloves

BGV9 Mexican Boxing Gloves

These BGV9 boxing gloves feature an extra latex foam layer to provide you comfort and support simultaneously. The padding is balanced, enabling you to hit harder than before. Moreover, these Fairtex gloves have more extended cuffs to cover your wrist, saving them from injuries.

The safe and more formidable punch with a suitable design is what makes it popular. Your thumb will be locked to avoid mishaps and increase your power. You will not face moisture issues because of the water repellent lining, isn’t it amazing?

7.DHLX Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
DHLX Fairtex Boxing Gloves

DHLX Boxing Gloves

An unclenched fist during fights can lead to bone fractures. Hence, it is always good to go for some excellent boxing gloves having a grip bar. DHLX Fairtex boxing gloves feature a grip bar and a perfectly padded area for harder punches.

You can make a fist in no time with ease when you have DHLX. The leather quality is not so good for healthy users. They have a long-lasting reputation., but we can’t call them the best in terms of leather. You can easily ignore the fact when you know about the lower price and protective nature.

8.Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Gloves

BGV14 Boxing Gloves

Better wrist stability and protection make any glove the right choice. Fairtex BGV14 gloves are too good because of the more extended cuffs. Your wrist is protected, and you can participate in the fight all the time. You won’t face wrist injuries with these gloves.

The microfiber outer layer makes it durable and reliable for all users. The material will not degrade quickly, helping your gloves to live for a more extended period. You don’t have to worry about the heavier weight of your gloves because of the microfiber.

9.Fairtex Painter’s White and Black Boxing Gloves

Top Pick
Fairtex Painter’s White and Black Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Painter’s Boxing Gloves

BGV14 Fairtex boxing gloves with the hand-painted design is something you can’t let go of quickly. Its unique and happening look is the secret behind its popularity. It seems so attractive for the user that they can’t stop themselves from buying these gloves.

They are purely hand-painted, which also increases their value. Moreover, even padding, quality materials, and adequate protection are some other features to convince you.

10.Fairtex Genuine New BGV9 Pro Training Mexican Style Improved Padding

Top Pick
Fairtex Genuine New BGV9 Pro Training Mexican Style Improved Padding

Training Mexican Style Improved Padding

If you are looking for something to use in your next competition, get these now.

The Mexican style extra padded gloves are specially designed for your convenience and sturdy usage during fights. Its triple foam core is super comfy with high durability so that you never regret your decision to buy these beauties.

Final Verdict:

The review and the model guide will help you find the best pair of Fairtex boxing gloves to save you from knuckle injuries and losing fights. Go ahead with these Muay Thai high-quality Fairtex boxing gloves to make your next fight exciting and winning.

They are sturdy and long-lasting, so you can invest in them if planning to go for long-term gloves. Don’t forget to look for your required things in the Fairtex models. So, what are you waiting for? Shop the latest Fairtex boxing gloves now and indulge in a great fight against your opponent plus end up winning!