Boxing has become a widely liked and practiced sport in the modern century. Even those who don’t choose boxing prefer to learn and practice it. Girls and boys are learning it for self defense. As a lot of people are becoming fond of boxing, the questions about boxing and its gear are also coming up.

One of those most asked questions is: How much do boxing gloves cost? This question is answerable in many ways as the price of boxing gloves vary from 10 dollars to hundreds of dollars. A good professional boxing glove can be bought for around a hundred dollars. Other boxing gloves that are too expensive are usually some special versions that are signed by champions or have special designs.

Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring Training

As for beginners, a good boxing glove will cost even less. You can get a good boxing glove for beginner training for under 50 dollars. The reason is that beginners are learning to box and hence their use isn’t as heavy as those of professional boxers.

Beginners only throw a couple of thousand punches per week, however, professional boxers are known to throw hundreds of thousands of punches on the gym bag with lightning-fast speed. Hence the endurance and durability required on beginner gloves are much less.

Factors That Influence Cost Of Boxing Gloves:

Just like any other object, when it comes to boxing gloves their cost is influenced by a number of factors. Some of the main factors are:

1. Type Of Glove

The kind of training for which you are needing the glove matters a lot. Each glove is designed for a specific purpose and hence serves that purpose efficiently, and will be handicapped in serving the purpose of the other glove. One can end up injuring himself or his companion during training if he is not careful in the choice of his glove.

The several types of gloves include heavy bag gloves, sparring gloves, fingerless gloves, and also some others. The cost of a boxing glove is different for each of them. Each form of glove comes with its optimum padding and hand protection so that it maximizes your efficiency in a particular mode of training. For example, you can’t use sparring gloves for heavy bag hitting because you might end up hurting yourself. Similarly, fingerless have the least padding and hence are best suitable for speed punching and other tactical pieces of training.

cheap boxing gloves

For professional boxing gloves and also for heavy bag hitters, the price is high. For sparring gloves the price is intermediate. However, the fingerless ones have the least cost. The clear reason is less material being used and also less padding.

2. Material

Secondly, the material from which the glove is made also influences the price. Modern glovemakers tend to make gloves from high-quality premium leather which gives a stunning finishing to the glove, making it look exquisite in front of an audience. These materials provide endurance and durability to the glove.

The quality of modern gloves varies between genuine and synthetic leather. Genuine leather is best and durable to the extreme and hence expensive. Synthetic leather is also good in durability and endurance but definitely can’t meet the level of original pure and genuine leather. For those who are beginners, it is certainly the best and cost-effective choice.

Adding to this, there is also a third alternative of vinyl. These are a cheap alternative for those who are low on budget. They certainly won’t match durability and endurance but will certainly meet your budget requirements.

3. Brand

Last but not the least, the biggest influence on the cost of boxing gloves is on the brand. Brands that make gloves for professional and semi-professional boxers won’t be cheap. Brands such as Winning Grant and some models of Everlast cross the cost line of even 500 dollars. These gloves can neither be afforded nor used by regular users. They are extreme in terms of their durability and endurance.

How Much Do Boxing Gloves Price

Next, come brands that provide gloves for beginners and passionate users. These brands like Ringside and Everlast provide gloves in medium quality which are best for beginners. These gloves can be used for heavy workouts in gyms and can remain your partners for years to come. They have priced around 80 to 120 dollars.

Lastly comes budget-friendly gloves which are made from PU leather and also sometimes Vinyl. The cost of these boxing gloves is less than 50 dollars. Brands like Sanabul and Venum usually fall in this range. These gloves are the best choice for beginners. Even at a low price, they do offer satisfactory quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Expensive Boxing Gloves Worth It?

Expensive boxing gloves are made from genuine leather and provide maximum efficiency. They are a good choice for long term usage. If you are planning to go professional, they will certainly be a good investment. However, if you are just beginning start with a moderate choice.

2. Are 12 oz Are Boxing Gloves Good?

It depends on the type of person wearing it. The ideal person to wear a 12oz glove should weigh between 150 to 185 pounds. This weight is normal for an adult male or a heavy female. Wearing a heavy glove under lower weight will certainly be a disadvantage at your side and might hurt your hand.

3. How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost In 2022?

The cost of boxing gloves varies from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars. If you are just beginning, you can easily get a good and endurable boxing glove under 100 dollars which will last with you for years to come. Only a few specific boxing gloves cost over 300 dollars and they are used by professionals. For beginners, good gloves also come under just 50 dollars.

Some Last Words:

If you are sure about pursuing boxing training, a good boxing glove will be like your companion. You must choose it carefully after considering all the factors.

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