Boxing gloves need to be maintained for longer life. People who don’t know How to Clean Boxing Gloves or who aren’t able to maintain them properly soon ruin their gloves. It is not convenient to buy a new pair of gloves each time you run an old one.

Moreover, poor maintenance of gloves can also result in a bad smell which can be irritating for you as well as others who are around you.

How To Wash Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are your companion in boxing. They go to the gym with you every day for training and become a part of your life. Their cleaning and maintenance is your responsibility. Proper maintenance will result in longer durability because of which that boxing glove will stay with you for years to come.

Beginners will be needing a proper guide as to how to clean and maintain their boxing gloves. We will be providing you with proper methods and details through which you can do these tasks in the best possible manner.

Best Way To Clean And Wash Boxing Glove 2022:

Hand Wraps

As it is said and believed, precaution is always better than treatment. Handwraps can prove to be a lifesaver for you in terms of cleaning and maintenance of your gloves. The main problem one faces is excessive sweating in the glove. This excessive sweating can cause bacteria in the glove which will give a bad odor to you as well as those who practice around you.

Handwraps won’t stop sweating, but they will absorb them. Maximum sweat absorption is done by these hand wraps and only a bit of sweat is left for the glove to soak. Even though good gloves have sweat-absorbent material in the inner lining of the glove, they still won’t be able to prevent bacteria from mustering.

Once you are done with your training and taken out your gloves. You can remove hand wraps and easily wash them using traditional methods. For beginners, Sanabul and Everlast can provide the best hand wraps at affordable prices.

Cleaning Your Gloves

Cleaning your gloves can be a slightly difficult task. You can’t use traditional cleaning methods as they will rip apart your glove and completely ruin it. Moreover, handwashing using washing powder is also not recommended because it will badly affect your glove.

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

The outside of the glove is usually made from leather and can be cleaned by using a slightly damp cloth at first. Then you can use the number of products to make it shine perfectly.

You can use lavender oil, water-vinegar solution, or apple cider solution if you wanna go with traditional glove cleaning methods. These solutions can be used to clean the glove and also disinfect them. Moreover, you can also use disinfectant wipes to clean your gloves.

There are also several disinfectants and cleaning sprays available that can help you clean your glove. One thing you should keep in mind is the quantity of spray you use on the outer layer, as too much can ruin the material.

Washing Your Gloves

First of all, washing your gloves is not recommended. However, some gloves come with washable material and hence can be washed but there are proper steps to do it and a slight mistake can relieve you of your boxing glove.

Even though gloves made with vinyl and other cheaper alternatives come in a machine-washable quality, it is an honest suggestion not to wash them in machines. The machine will likely ruin your glove. Even in handwashing, use materials that you are sure will not hurt your glove. If you do wash glove-like if there is an inevitable need to wash it, do not use hot water. Hot water will also affect the material.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your glove will relieve you of the tension of washing it. Proper cleaning will not allow a bad smell or bacteria to develop in the glove. Also, proper cleaning will keep your glove shining all the time, never giving you a hint to wash it.

Deodorizing Your Gloves

The last part is making your gloves smell good. A bad smell can cause others to keep away from you in the gym. There are certain reasons because of which a bad smell is developed in a glove. Proper cleaning can remove those reasons.

How To Deodorize Your Gloves

There are several solutions as well as sprays that can give a good odor to your glove without harming its material. However, spraying on a glove wet with sweat won’t do you any good. So, it is necessary to dry the glove first before deodorizing it.

It is preferred to dry them in front of the fan and then use a deodorizer. There is an amazing product by Meister. They provide you with glove deodorizers which you can put in your gloves. They will absorb unnecessary moisture and deodorize your gloves properly.

Dos And Don’ts

  • Following are the key things one should keep in mind about cleaning and maintenance of one’s boxing gloves:
  • Use hand wraps for maximum sweat absorption.
  • Clean your boxing gloves properly each time after use.
  • Do not leave them in your gym bag overnight without cleaning.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Use sprays properly and do not overspray.
  • Deodorize gloves using proper glove deodorizers.
  • Remember to air out moisturizer each time after use.
  • If you properly manage your gloves this way, they will certainly remain with you for a longer period and in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you clean smelly boxing gloves?

First of all, air them properly to dry out any sweat and moisturizer in the glove. Then, you can either use deodorant and cleaning sprays or use oils or other solutions. Be careful while using deodorizers, do not overdo it because it too will be harmful.

2. Are boxing gloves machine washable?

Although some boxing gloves are said to be machine washable, it is still not recommended by washing with a machine might ruin your glove. However, cheaper gloves made of vinyl can be washed using machines because they are meant for short term usage.

3. How do you deep clean boxing gloves?

For deep cleaning, several methods can be used. The best one is to dry them out, use disinfectant and cleaning sprays, and then stuff them with moist absorbing deodorant stuffing so that it absorbs the moisture and deodorizes your glove simultaneously.

Some Last Words:

We have compiled this information by closely reviewing product cleaning methods. We hope that they will help you in the best way to clean your boxing gloves.

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