First of all, let us come to the need for self-defense. We live in a world today which is far too dangerous for anyone who doesn’t know how to defend himself. Most people who get through life without facing any assailant are considered very lucky. Whether it is a college bully or a snatcher on road, self-defense techniques can always come in handy.

Is boxing and BJJ good combination for street defence

Boxing is very effective in self-defense. Boxing prepares one’s mind as well as one’s body. It allows you to be alert at a second’s notice and prepare to tackle the assault. Moreover, boxing can be good in your general life as well as it trains both mind and body. People have become attracted to boxing and other martial arts lately because self-defense has become the need of every man and woman.

It might be surprising to know that your safety has reduced to your ability. You aren’t safe in your home let alone street or town. It isn’t difficult to break a window or disable an alarm. Even Noobs can do that these days, but if the attacker finds a worthy opponent he will choose to run.

Why Boxing Is A Good Self Defense Method?

If we go on considering the reasons for which boxing can be considered one of the best self-defense methods, we won’t be able to list them all in this post. Boxing can take you out of difficult situations in which a common man has no hope of getting out of. A person who boxes in simple words is very sharp. He can attack immediately in a fraction of a second and take down his opponent.

Before learning to box, one must take an oath just like one does before taking an important responsibility. Someone said true; with great power, comes great responsibility. Boxing can also be considered a power that is not inherited but acquired through practice. One must take an oath not to use this sport for evil, such as bullying or harming innocents.

1. Surprise Knock-Out

Boxing sharpens your senses as well as your body. It allows you to be active from all angles. The slightest hint of threat would make you ready with-in a second to the response. One of the major benefits of this ability is that you can surprise anyone with a punch which can turn the tide of the situation.

One thing which one must keep in mind is to keep your talents and skills hidden until the time is right for them to be revealed. If you are going on the road or taking a freshman stroll in your new college and someone suddenly comes in front of you to attack you or harass you won’t even think in the slightest that you know boxing. In that situation, your quickened boxing senses and strong punches would make you able to surprisingly knockout your opponent with a single punch. Even if there were more than one assailant, now you got one less to worry about.

2. Basics Are Easily Learnable

Another advantage of boxing is that it is easily learnable for everyone. Almost every gym has a boxing trainer and these days it is even learnable at home. The basics are easily learnable within weeks and just practicing basics can increase your speed and power every time you train.

Boxing Basics Are Easily Learnable

Although professional boxing requires years of training, basic boxing can be most handy to common people in their daily lives. It perfectly enables you to dodge and counter your opponent’s attacks. Most attackers and bullies aren’t trained in proper boxing or other martial arts and just rely on raw force. Boxing can teach you technical ways even to take out bigger and stronger opponents.

3. Beneficial Against A Mob

If you have been surrounded by a mob boxing can help you take down more people. Boxing allows you to quickly move and dodge the punches of your opponents while taking them down or hurting them enough to make them bend. This perfect opportunity allows you to create a space for you to run away. You might be able to take down two or three opponents if they aren’t cautious to you, otherwise, it is better to run away after taking down one or two, because boxing doesn’t make you a Superman.

4. Foot Movement And Distance

Boxing allows for better foot movement during a fight. While it doesn’t train you in kicking, it does make you able to move your feet quickly to dodge an opponent’s attack or put distance between yourself and him. This foot movement is the only factor that makes your takedown harder.

Some Necessary Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Here are some necessary tips to consider when taking boxing as a good self-defense technique.
  • Do not attack an armed assailant if you are a rookie in boxing.
  • Always use boxing as a self-defense technique, not for attacking.
  • When facing a mob, consider attacking from distance.
  • Avoid getting taken down, you won’t be able to box from the ground.
  • Train every day to improve the speed and power of your punches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Boxing Effective In A Street Fight?

Street Fights don’t follow any proper rules and allow the use of every body part. If you have trained enough that you have quick foot movement, stronger punches, and the belief of not being taken on the ground, boxing will surely come effective towards the street fight.

2. Is Boxing Or MMA Better For Self Defense?

Boxing and MMA are both good for self-defense. They allow you to tackle the tricky situation and keep yourself and those around you safer. These techniques train your body and mind to quickly respond to threats.

3. What martial art can beat boxing?

There is no particular martial art that can be considered superior to others. Proper training and efficiency in each one can make you stand against the best of others. However, boxing has a certain disadvantage upon being taken down on the ground.

Some Last Words:

We have compiled this information by closely reviewing certain situations. We hope this will help in answering your question about boxing as a self defense technique.

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