Win the boxing fights or perform heavy-duty workouts with a perfect grip of boxing gloves.

RIVAL is one of the market-leading brands for top-notch quality and highly durable sport and fitness accessories including boxing gloves. This brand hits the market due to its innovative-design and unique-style.

Rival 100 Boxing Gloves Review

The goal of Rival is to “reinvent the industry” through luxuries, comfy and well-fitted gloves. This brand has branches located in the US, UK, and Canada.
The best part about the Rival boxing gloves is their ergonomic design, perfect fit, and innovative construction. In addition to this, the way it incorporates hand protection and power transmission is incredible in its own way.

This brand presents state-of-the-art gloves configuring an angled lace track system to give a true fight-like feel.

Anthony Joshua, Tony Bellew, Russ Anber, and other professional boxers are the true consumers of the Rival boxing gloves throughout their training.

You can find out different weights when it comes to weight. It is available in 14oz, 16 oz, and 18 oz., choose the one that better suits your hand’s size and shape.

Let’s jump into the in-depth Rival Boxing Gloves Review to explore its features, specifications, models, and more.

Rival Boxing Gloves Review:


  • Ergo Lace Track System
  • 15-degree angled lace track
  • Wrist Lock for maximum adjustment
  • Patent shock-absorbing material
  • D30 Internal Protection
  • Layered foam padding
  • Handcrafted Microfiber PU
  • Colors available Red, Blue, Silver, Gold
  • Breathable Mesh on the Palm
  • Foamy clothe and soft lining

Look And Feel:

Rival hit the market due to its exclusive style and design approach. Just have a look at its slant wrist and closure system. At the first glance, you may assume them bulky but they are compact in their own way.

The RIVAL Boxing Sparring Gloves were available in 3 colors blue, red, and black. Recently, Rival launched two new versions in Gold and lime green color. Although the former ones were great to choose for professional boxing fights or workouts, these latest designs will be a colorful addition to your training kit.

These gloves look quite heavy and have different graphics printed over them. The gloves integrate the Rival branded designs at the back of the hand, thumb, and end of the fingers.

In addition to this, it has an extra rubber logo seamed at the bottom of the wrist. The Ergo Lace track system logo at the mid of the wrist makes it eye-catchy and vibrant. Mostly, RIVAL Boxing Sparring Gloves has this logo on the wrist, however, some have a little bit different color or design pattern.,

The X-Lace closure helps to fit properly and shape the gloves in a perfect way. It looks cool, stylish, and well-fitted at the same time. People found the Velcro closure quite time-consuming and messy, Rival comes with its exclusive Ergo lace rack system to make it a quip wrap around the hands. The right glove weighs 13.8 oz while the left one weighs 13.6oz.


The first thing that matters to a professional boxer or an athlete is well-cushioned and padded boxing gloves. Rival sparring boxing gloves are a perfect balance of soft and firm texture.
Yes! You will surely enjoy the internal padding as they are soft enough to keep your hands cozy and calm. At the same time, it hard enough to punch on the wall.

Rival Boxing Gloves Quality Review

The outer of the glove is made up of a high-quality Microfiber PU that is durable and resistant to wear and tear. It weighs only 14 oz., you can wear them easily without any stress on the wrist or hands.

It is vital to mention over here, that the original three colors black, blue, and red were made up of leather while the later versions in gold and lime are composed of PU material.

Here it can be assumed that the leather-made gloves will be of better quality, but we can’t claim this without using both. However, the PU is also a good material used in higher-value gloves. The use of synthetic material has great demand as well.

PU looks like leather and gives a plastic-like feel. This fabric doesn’t stretch along with the corners of the padding.
According to the customer’s feedback reports, it is quite difficult to find something that is comfortable and soft while firm enough to face the hardest punch.


You are going to fall in love with RIVAL Boxing Sparring Gloves when it comes to comfort. The weight, size, and shape all are design while keeping in mind the comfort of the user.

Customer satisfaction is the major concern for Rival. Thus, they incorporate perfect sizing, cushioning, padding, and more. You will never feel fatigued or wrist pain while wearing it.

The shape of the thumb is wide, short, and rounded. It is not a curved or straight thumb, it has a roomy-round shape to hold the glove tightly using the thumb.

The weight of RIVAL Boxing Sparring Gloves is about 14 oz. that is good enough for short-hand people. If you have a bigger hand size then go for another model weighing 16oz and more.

Apart from the thumb, the hand area is wide and roomy to wrap your hand in a comfortable way. You will not face any tightening and loosening issues while wearing it. Hold the grip bar tightly to make a fist. The semi-soft padding lets you open the hand a bit.

To keep in at the right place, the X-lace track system lets you tighten it up as per your requirement. Fit it securely around the wrist even if you have a skinny wrist. These sparring gloves adjust the palm, fingers, thumb, and wrist in the most comfortable manners.

Moreover, it seems to be bulky but in reality, they are compact and lightweight. The user will enjoy the medium-density padding along with well-balanced support. Unlike other heavier bulky gloves, it is stable, well-grip, and comfy.

In short, Rival presents a great design approach to provide a great fit and shape instead of wrapping your hand in tight padding.

Quality & Durability:

The thing that I should highlight first about the rival boxing gloves is their enduring quality and long-lasting life. Most users complain about the poor stitching and degraded materials. This is not the case with rival boxing gloves.

They have incredible construction and great holding. The internal cushioning to outer fabric all things are fine and great in-place.Unlike other massive gloves production brands that compromises their quality over quantity, Rival offers limited models integrating better quality throughout its series.

Rival Boxing Gloves Quality Review

The seamed lines of leather and foams are fine. You never complain about loose threads or any sort of low-quality fabric. They are highly resistant to wear and tear.

In terms of manufacturing, either its lace or velcro close, Rivals drive their best efforts to give a secured grip along with quality materials. The velcro will not loosen up its stick or no other issues arise.

They will surely surpass your expectations especially one it comes to durability. According to the customer’s feedback reports and rough estimation, it can take more than 5 years to look for a new pair of Rival boxing gloves.


Rival is proud to introduce its exclusive but limited range of boxing gloves. It works on quality footprints rather than massive production. You can find six different models in the market:

  • Rival Boxing Gloves RS100 White Gold
  • RIVAL RS100 Boxing Gloves Blue Silver
  • RIVAL Boxing Gloves RS11V Training Gloves Red
  • RIVAL Workout Sparring Boxing Gloves – RS60V
  • Rival RB7 Training Gloves Boxing Blue Red White,
  • Rival RB7 Fitness Bag Training Gloves

All the models offer great padding, well-cushioning, wrist holding, and comfort. The difference lies in all about the colors available and a wrist strap. Some people found it annoying to wear the X-lace track system closure, therefore, few models have quick Velcro-type closure.


Although, it is an expensive pair of boxing gloves that will value the money once you invest in them. If you are not willing to pay high, then better avail some sales opportunity. It ensures hand protection, power transmission, and secure grip. Invest a little and save more in terms of performance, durability, and comfort.


  • Exclusive design in the market
  • Available in various colors
  • Well-cushioned and padded
  • Wide compartment for hand and thumb
  • Attractive visuals and design
  • A nice and quick way to get a secure fit
  • Rounded snug fit around the wrist
  • Angle Lace Trace System


  • Visual logos may start peeling off over the time
  • Some versions are not pure leather
  • Airtight environment


So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best rival boxing gloves to avail great comfort and performance.
Have a dynamic user experience throughout your boxing training, fights, and workouts. Avail the perfect balance of value, protection, comfort, materials, and more.

Editor choice is Rival Boxing Gloves RS100 White Gold as it is a vibrant and colorful addition to the training kit.

I hope our Rival Boxing Gloves Reviews make you acknowledge the valuable information regarding all its aspects.

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