Read this title boxing gloves review to determine which title glove will be best for you. Title boxing gloves have an exceptional fitting, and they are the most comfortable gloves ever made. The title has a wide range of sizes and colors available. This brand makes gloves for all genders from adults to children.

When boxing, you need the best boxing gloves that increase your fighting performance as well as give you protection from injury. The world-renowned boxing glove manufacturer is “Title”. Professionals use these gloves.

Title Boxing Gloves Review 2021

Fighting gloves or training gloves, it can be used for both because it will give you the right fit. It is very durable, and you can get foam padded and gel gloves in all sizes. Whether you are a trainer or a fighter, the title gives you the best of all gloves brands. The title has the most extensive collection in the industry.

With the title, you can never go wrong so let’s take a review of title boxing gloves.

6 Best Title Boxing Gloves Reviews, Features, And Cons TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

  • Title Platinum Proclaim Training Gloves
  • Title Boxing Gel Suspense Training Gloves
  • Title Classic Leather Elastic Training Gloves 2.0
  • Title Classic Boxing Gloves
  • TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

1. Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Boxing Gloves

It is superior to all other title gloves because it has a premium gel lining. Also, this product gives better impact resistance and custom fit.

Moreover, it keeps you ready for those long hours of training. Since these gloves are very sturdy, they are built to hit the boxing training bags. Additionally, these are perfect for sparring.

Top Pick
TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves


  • Premium gel lining
  • Triple silicon stitch
  • Available in 3 colours (pink, red and black)
  • Perfect for sparring and heavy punches
  • Full-grain leather material

For the most part, this premium choice comes with full-grain leather, moisture-free with a triple nylon stitch inner lining which keeps the hands sweat-free, neat, and safe.

Coupled with all these features together, you will get an option that will allow you to quickly throw a hefty punch without worrying about the pain of wrist or knuckles getting bruised.

Also, you can get these title gel world bag gloves in three colors, pink, red, and black.


  • Triple silicon stitch
  • Available in 3 colours (pink, red and black)
  • Perfect for sparring and heavy punches
  • Premium gel lining
  • Custom-fit


  • Don’t come in carrying case

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2. Title Platinum Proclaim Training Gloves

Boxing Training Gloves

These title platinum proclaim training gloves are specially made for professional training and sparring. And the manufacturer has used the highest quality materials.

The title has made a unique design that features anatomically contoured inner fist. Moreover, it will make the wearer a comfortable hand position during his/ her training.

Top Pick
Title Platinum Proclaim Training Gloves


  • Extreme Shock-suppression inner foams
  • Extra-long lasting material
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Better for having a comfortable training
  • Air release panel in the upper palm

Impressively, this alternative has a powerful, protective and shock-suppression inner foam. Besides all these qualities, it is durable, and its extra-long leather provides users with a comfortable yet firm fit. The hook-and-loop wrist strap will provide your wrist with better support.

Consequently, your hands will be kept dry, thanks to the integrated air release panel in the upper palm.

Beyond that, Title platinum proclaim training gloves come in 16 oz, 14 oz, 12 oz, or 18 oz comes different sizes depending on your needs.


  • Extreme shock-suppression inner foams
  • Extra-long lasting material
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Different sizes
  • Better for having a comfortable training
  • Air release panel in the upper palm


  • Padding breaks down faster (customer complaint)
  • Too tight

3. Title Boxing Gel Suspense Training Gloves

Training Equipment

The title has made weighted gloves full of gel suspended in it. This model of title boxing gloves offers the custom form fit and resistance that skilled boxers require to win. If you are looking for weighted gloves, this pair may be perfect for you.

Top Pick
Title Boxing Gel Suspense Training Gloves


  • Tri-layered padding foam
  • Nylon wrist strap for a firm fit
  • Made of full-grain leather

This product offers better protection and better foam padding. It will give proper support to your hand and knuckles. It is composed of tri-layered padding for extra comfort and security of the wearer,

Moreover, this model of the title comes with a full seatbelt wrap. Also, with a nylon wrist strap with a hook and loop closure for a firm fit.

Best of all, these are crafted carefully and made up of full-grain leather, and that allows this model to look just as great as it performs. Besides all these features, you are free to choose between three distinct colours and four different sizes.


  • Weighted gloves
  • For skilled boxers


  • Not for beginners or kids
  • Heavy

4. Title Classic Leather Elastic Training Gloves 2.0

Black Boxing Gloves

These gloves of the title are top-selling for almost 20 years, and now this new version of critically acclaimed product seeks to preserve the attraction of old customers. Title classic leather elastic training gloves 2.0 have unique features, and the title has made some improvements to make it better.

It has a classy look and feels. Also, it is available in 3 stylish colors. It is packed with protective shock-absorbing molded foam for keeping your wrists and knuckles safe and free of bruises.

Top Pick
Title Classic Leather Elastic Training Gloves 2.0


  • 100% genuine top-grain leather
  • Very versatile and durable
  • Available in various sizes
  • Classy look and feel
  • Top seller for 20 years

Moreover, it is 100% made of genuine top-grain leather, and it lends increased longevity and durability. These are the best boxing gloves for beginners.

Overall, this product is versatile and made for everyone. It offers excellent performance for heavy and light boxers. So whether you are looking for a title women’s training glove or a boxing glove or your kids, this is one of the best, available in all sizes for the whole family.


  • 100% genuine top-grain leather
  • Very versatile and durable
  • Available in various sizes (kids- adults)
  • Classy look and feel


  • Uncomfortable

5. Title Classic Boxing Gloves

Boxing Sparring Gloves

Title classic boxing gloves are affordable, and if you are in the market to get a pair of gloves from the title brand, this might fit in your budget. It will give you a traditional look at a low price, and it will satisfy your craving for buying the best gloves too.

Moreover, the manufacturer has maintained to equip it with the best quality and reliability that customers expect in a low budget. Besides all other title gloves, this pair is one of the happiest couples.

Top Pick
Title Classic Boxing Gloves


  • Tough vinyl cover
  • Pre-curved form a secure fit
  • Comfortable wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure
  • Affordable and Durable
  • Ideal for boxing

Since it has sturdy vinyl cover confers which increase the durability. And it has a pre-curved form fit which guarantees to give you a comfortable feel even after long workouts.

Additionally, it comes with a wrist strap with a hook and a look closure. And for better support and secure fitting. To make things even better, the classic design of these gloves makes them very versatile for all boxing but also martial arts, aerobics, and cardio fitness workouts.


  • Versatile and ideal for all boxing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Increased durability
  • Comfortable for long-term workouts
  • Secure fitting
  • Convenient wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure


  • After 1 Week started to rip & showed significant damage (customer’s complaint)
  • Not suitable for 9-16-year-olds using when boxing (customer’s complaint)

6. Title Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Glove

Leather Boxing Gloves

These pro-style leather training gloves are reviewed high by the customers because they are high-quality and affordable in price. It provides a lot of protection due to its ample padding. Your knuckles are adequately protected in these gloves. Moreover, the Velcro strapping, which is vital to this option offers adequate support to the wrist.

Top Pick
TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves


  • Affordable in price
  • Better protection
  • Great fitting
  • Available in 2 colours (black and white)
  • Supports wrist and knuckles
  • Satin nylon retains the moisture

The material used to make these gloves are of exceptional quality. They are comfortable and perfect for long-term use. These are made up of leather, it gives an attractive look to the customers, and you will feel more confident in the ring while boxing.

Additionally, its hand compartment is made up of satin nylon that plays a considerable role in retaining the moisture and keep the inner side of the gloves fresh and dry. It is available in two colors, black and white.


  • Long-lasting
  • High quality
  • More protective
  • Better support and fitting


  • Available in the US only

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

Is The Title Boxing A Good Brand?

It is not only an excellent brand, but it is the best brand for buying boxing gloves.

How Much Are Gloves At Title Boxing?

Title boxing gloves have different prices depending on the type of gloves you choose.

Does Title Boxing Gloves Hurt?

No, they hurt less because they have more padding inside it. Also, it helps to cut down the facial injuries.

What Are The Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners?

For beginners, the best boxing gloves are Title Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Glove

To Conclude:

Title boxing gloves have the broadest range of boxing gloves. And they can be used excellently for all boxers. The title got the most respect for their gloves all over the world. All fighters, whether trainer or professional, feel proud wearing title gloves in the ring. They are lightweight, high in quality, and last long. The title gives extra power that you need when you deliver your punches.

Hence, Best title boxing gloves according to our review are Title gel world bag gloves and Title Platinum Proclaim Training Gloves.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that you found what you were looking for —comment down below which is your favorite glove of title. Your opinions matter to us.

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