Venum Boxing Gloves have to have some of the coolest glove designs in recent history and as the brand continues to grow it will be interesting see how they develop over the next few years in boxing.

With the likes of Vasyl Lomachenko now wearing the gloves and gear it starting to become an accustomed go to brand for those in boxing, including those just entering the sport.

So has Venum created glove to compete with the rest of market? I would say definitely yes! They are traditionally MMA brand and have just recently signed a deal with the UFC to be the official kit supplier.

However, with the likes of top professional boxers Linares, Lomachenko and Berchelt all wearing Venum boxing gloves in their professional fights, it’s proving to be a very popular and exciting option for those who participate in boxing training and other other combat sports.

Check out my top 10 Venum Boxing Gloves below along with links to the most popular Venum gloves I have personally tried and reviewed:

1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Key Features

  • Great starting glove
  • Brilliant protection 
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Lots of color options to choose 


First up here is some background on the brand. Venum are one of the top mixed martial arts brands in the world and are specifically known for their fighter accessories including headgear, apparel, punch bags, but mainly their impressive range boxing glove options.

For me Venum are creating some of the best boxing gloves on the market in recent years and are quickly becoming one of the go to brands for those training  in boxing or mixed martial arts. With the likes of boxing ambassadors Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linares now wearing Venum gloves and gear, the brand has established itself as a go to for fight equipment and gear. 

Glove Design

The Elite gloves by Venum have quickly become one the first gloves considered by many newcomers. due to the popular and high amount of positive reviews you will see across the web – and I don’t blame them for their choice!

Handmade and assembled in Thailand, the Elites have been made for those looking for a set of gloves you can use regularly without them deteriorating in short period.

This can happen all too often to most cheaper gloves if used too often and not looked after. Venum countered this by using a synthetic premium semi leather which makes them easy wipe down after training and last a long time.

These gloves are definitely an all purpose glove with the padding on the open hand of gloves, making it suitable for those that parry punches and practice Muay Thai or kickboxing too. This is also used to help create more reinforcement for the overall glove so it gives you maximum protection. 

My Experience

When using the Elites, the impact zone has been created with a robust three layer multi-density foam which makes you feel very comfortable and protected whilst striking. This is ideal if you are training on the heavy bag or even sparring to help reduce the risk of injury occurring.

Finally their hook-and-loop velcro strap does feel very secure around the wrist despite it being looser than traditional boxing gloves due to being an all purpose glove. The thumb is also attached to the main body of the glove which does have slight flexibility to move it. I felt these gloves to be quite compact and short (stubby), with the majority of the weight of the glove around the striking zone. 

I would have to say Elites have been created with a quality finish and this glove will suit anyone looking to get started in boxing with a solid ergonomic all round design.

A couple of criticisms for me personally is that as someone with big hands. The thumb area of the glove is a bit small for me and I probably prefer the Venum Impact feel instead.

Nonetheless, you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a glove that will offer you very good protection.


The Elites have been created with a flexible and resistant PU envelope synthetic leather made in Japan (some models), a blend of natural multi-density foams and reinforced seams, which helps each impact be optimally absorbed by the Elite gloves.


For me personally they are not visually the most pleasant glove by Venum as they have printed the Venum brand text instead of their snake logo for the main part of the glove.

  They have instead given buyers lots of color options to choose from, making it ideal if you were wanting it match with your training gear or just have your favourite color. I personally went with a 14oz Khaki green and black version of the glove.

2. Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Key Features

  • Premium PU. 
  • Triple density foam for a better absorption. 
  • Reinforced palm.
  • Reinforced seams.


The Venum Impact Gloves have been around for a few years now and are one of the most popular choices to go for. These gloves have been created with a triple density foam which makes them an ideal choice for protecting your hands. 

Like with most of the Venum Gloves, the Impact’s wrist has a long cuff to improve protection, but can be loose for some. 

In terms of the palm of the hand, Venum actually has two versions of glove. One with a mesh panel near the grip bar and one with ventilation holes. My Impact gloves have the holes (see further below).

These are an all purpose glove with the padding on the open hand of gloves, making it suitable for those that parry punches and practice Muay Thai or kickboxing too. This is also used to help shock absorption to give you maximum protection and provide reinforcement for the overall glove.

My Experience

From using them I’ve found they are perfect all round gloves for using on most equipment such as punch bags, pads and  even for sparring. 

I personally think these gloves are more suited for boxers or those wanting to just focus on striking. In comparison with the Venum Elite Gloves I have also used, these definitely feel slightly more comfortable in the impact zone. Which makes sense with the name now! 

The wrist / cuff area is also a bit tighter with the Impact in my opinion and has a strong Velcro strap. While the thumb thumb area of the glove is also comfortable which feels slightly bigger and less tighter than the Elite Gloves.

I would say the newer version  Impacts have been created with slightly more quality with seams and stitching looking a lot better than previous models. It’s not stated if the gloves they have been made in Thailand like most of their other gloves. However, going by my Impact gloves recent upgrades I’d like to think Venum have wanted to improve this. 

I’m also impressed with my version of the glove where the print of the leather almost looks like velvet snakeskin – pretty cool! 

Personally I think they look a lot better than the similar Venum Elite gloves – but each to their own!  


The Impact Gloves have been created Premium PU synthetic leather, which I actually think feel ok compared to some other brands out there. 

As mentioned earlier above, it has been created with triple density foam which is focussed around the impact absorption while you strike the heavy bag etc. 

The inside of the glove has a thick nylon type fabric to help the gloves last and to not deteriorate too quickly. 


I have to admit, this has to be one of my favourite glove designs by Venum. Generally, I think it looks a lot better than some of their other glove design choices.

The impact comes in a whole range of different color designs and styles which give you plenty of options to choose from.  I personally went for the khaki and black option of the glove which I really like.

3. Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves

Key Features

  • Highly durable 
  • Brilliant wrist support
  • Can be used for all types of boxing training
  • 100% handmade

Glove design

The Venum Giant 3.0 is their recent adaption of the Venum Giant 2.0 Glove which is more suited for those that are professionals and not as bulky as their predecessors. The Giant 3.0 gloves on the other hand are better suited for those that are just coming into the sport or those already experienced in boxing training looking for a quality boxing real leather glove that will be very durable and is suited for bag work, pads and sparring.

The glove design itself is one of the best I have used, with it giving you the ultimate protection and comfort all over the glove meaning you can really give your max when practicing power punching on the heavy bag and your quick snapping punches on pads or in sparring.

The top and shape of the glove has a bigger curve on the top than most gloves out are, which perfectly hugs the shape of your fists and helps to disperse the shock. It does also help you to grip down on the grip bar on the open hand when you are throwing punches. The ergonomically fit also gives you a lot more space for your hand which I know some people prefer. Like with every glove I recommend you wrap your hands, especially for these gloves.

I was also impressed with how secure the hook and loop Velcro strap for this glove was feeling very solid and secure on the wrist. The fit for your thumb also feels extremely padded and is attached to the main glove to help reduce that chance of injury to you and your opponent.


One of my favourite things about these Giant 3.0 gloves is that they are made from real 100% Nappa leather which you don’t really see often with entry level gloves like this. These are definitely at premium level for me and are gloves that will hold up fight after fight.

The padding material in this glove has quadruple density foam for advanced shock absorption and protection of the hand.

There’s also an inner-lining in the Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves which ensures fast drying and moisture wicking features, for enhanced comfort and odor prevention. If you do decide to go with these gloves.


I’m a big fan of the visuals of this glove, especially with the Venum brand snake print being the main feature of the strike zone. The famous ‘Venum’ font is also found on the thumb of the glove and wrist strap to give some more personality.

If you are looking for an all round glove for your training that is made with a 100% leather you won’t be left disappointed with Venum Giant 3.0 gloves. With so many gloves made with some sort of synthetic leather nowadays this definitely a nice change to what you usually find on the boxing glove market.

These are definitely a brilliant alternative to the more expensive Venum Giant 2.0 gloves and are definitely more suited for those looking to train on the heavy bag, mitts and sparring.

4. Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves

Key Features

  • Size: 10-Ounce
  • Color: Black/Black
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop


Made from high quality synthetic leather, the Venum Challenger boxing gloves 3.0 generation guarantees you maximum durability and perfect fit during your fights and training sessions.

These gloves are also formed of a triple layer construction for better shocks absorption, and a breathable neoprene interior for better thermal regulation and less moisture.

5. Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

Key Features

  • Size: 4-Ounce
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop


Future champions deserve the best equipment. This is why Venum designed the Contender Kids boxing glove, ideal for an introduction to boxing.

Made of premium synthetic leather, these Venum boxing gloves have a curved anatomic shape perfectly adapted for small hands.

For the sake of comfort and safety, these children’s boxing gloves consist of a multi-density foam padding and a Velcro closure.

The quality of a pair of adult boxing gloves, but for children!

Let’s talk about how I see Venum Boxing Gloves brand with my eyes of expertise boxing in the real world:

Whether you’re looking for a boxing glove for sparring, bag work, or fitness training, you’re going to want a great pair of boxing gloves. And while you can easily snag a cheap pair, it can be worth the investment to kick down a little more cash.

For a little more money, a good boxing glove will keep your hands safe and comfortable and, with the proper care, will last a long time. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are in the mid-range of the price spectrum at around MSRP $90. For that price, you’re getting a pair of handmade boxing gloves with a semi-leather shell over triple-density foam cushioning.

The attached thumb protects your thumb from bending backward if you miss the bag and from thumbing your opponent in the eye (by accident, I’m sure), while the perforated leather palm is designed to vent out hot air and moisture during a workout. In addition to the perforation vents, the palm sports reinforcement to absorb shock during heavy bag work or sparring sessions, and the long cuffs support the wrists.

The semi-leather outer shell consists of leather treated with an external layer of pigment, which keeps the leather soft but adds a waxy, protective layer for durability. Strengthened seams bolster this durability, and the large Velcro closure makes it simple to put on the gloves during solo workouts.

Testing & Review

I took the Elites through two different stages of testing: the first was a series of workouts on the heavy bag over the course of a few weeks, then I passed them along to a tester for 2 months of durability testing in a local fight gym.

For the heavy bag work, the objective was to see how well the triple-density foam protected my hands against an immobile object. Luckily for my hands, they felt great. Throwing combos that ended with a solid straight right or left hook, the bag shook with the impact instead of my hands and wrists.

Body blows were the harder test, as the bag moves far less as you punch closer to the base. The gloves worked well during hooks to the body as well. My hands felt the impact more than I did with headshots, but I never got the sharp sting of wrist compression, thanks to the dense foam and thick wrist closure.

For durability testing, my tester put the Elites through 2 months of 3-hour-long training and sparring sessions a week at a local fighting gym. After the test period, the gloves still looked and felt like new, except for a few dirt marks on the glove’s white exterior. My tester praised the Elite’s comfort and feel for sparring sessions and has made them his go-to glove when fighting.

We both noted that the only real ding was that the ventilation isn’t as good as you’d find in a pair of gloves with fully mesh palms. But for the amount of protection and durability that they provide, it’s not a bad tradeoff at all.

Venum Boxing Gloves Conclusions

The Elite Boxing Gloves from Venum have a higher price point than others, but you definitely get what you pay for in this case. The durability and cushioning give this pair excellent value for the price. The gloves still look new after weeks of testing, and online reviews report that the gloves stay pristine through years of constant use, from the seams to the cushioning.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will do the distance with you, Venum’s Elite Gloves are a great choice.

How to choose a perfect pair of boxing gloves?


Venum gloves fit on the roomy side of things, making them more ideal for boxers with average to large hands. The gloves feel soft and did not require any breaking-in, ready for use straight out of the box. If you have smaller hands, you might want to avoid them.


The wrist support is where I have an issue with the Challenger 2.0. I get that these were designed in Thailand and so clinching may have been taken into consideration but the flex on the wrists is way too soft.

There is simply no stability and support which is not ideal for hard training on the pads and heavy bags. The Elite model has better wrist support than the Challenger 2.0 so it’s something to consider paying more for if you need that additional stability.

In terms of the cushioning, there is just a small difference between the Challenger 2.0 and Elite.

With the Challenger, the padding is soft but too soft for protection if you are a hard puncher. The padding is not thorough and lacks the back-of-hand protection for sparring.

The Elite fills little of the gap left by the Challenger, featuring just slightly firmer padding for moderately better training/sparring experience. 


Venum Elite gloves feature reinforced stitched seams and the Thai-made quality shows. After all, the Elite model was conceived and continues to be manufactured in Thailand. If you compare them to traditional Thai brands like Fairtex and Twins, there is still some catching up to do mainly due to the fact that real leather is not used. 

By comparison, the Challenger 2.0 is an even less optimal option and best skipped over if you are a serious practitioner of Muay Thai. They are more suitable for fitness classes or casual boxers training once or twice a week. If you train several times a week, go for the Elite.


With more models constructed using synthetic leather, breathability can be a concern. It’s well-known that synthetic leather (especially PVC leather like vinyl) don’t ventilate well, which causes the hands to sweat easily and to retain moisture easily.

Venum effectively works around this by incorporating breathable mesh on the palm on the Challenger 2.0. Note that the Elite 2.0 used to sport the mesh-on-palm design but newer versions lack this feature. 


Venum takes a contemporary approach on its aesthetic design but without being too over-the-top. Modern and classy. I would rate Venum as one of the top 3 when it comes to overall design and style. If you want some badass-looking gloves, go with Venum.


Like I mentioned at the start of the article, you can get genuine leather gloves from Thai brands like Twins and Fairtex for the price you would pay for the Elite gloves. This means that you can expect better quality and durability for the same cost if you purchase Thai gloves. This boils down to your expectations and possibly the style that you are looking for. 

The Challenger 2.0 comes at an affordable price-point and so you do get what you pay for. You can’t have it all at this price point but the Challenger 2.0 still fares better than many gloves in the same price range. But if you are looking for fairly decent boxing gloves with sharp aesthetics, this will be an ideal choice.


Gloves are an essential part of the boxing that protects you from serious injuries such as Facial injuries, Wrist Sprain, Hand fractures, and Finger sprain.

The above list includes top-rated gloves that are useful for boxers. If you have any queries, then do ping us in comments. Your satisfaction is our priority,

so we made a list of top ten boxing gloves that have the latest technologies in them that you can quickly get from Amazon. You can get the best in them. Your satisfaction is our priority. 


What is the best way to clean these gloves?

There is no hard and fast rule or techniques. You need to wipe them with warm water and with a soft cloth.

Are Venum boxing gloves suitable?

Yes, due to its latest technology, you need to use them. You can choose the gloves according to the need and requirements. You can select according to your personality.